Privacy policy

1- Contact form

11 – Data collected

– your first and last name
– your phone number
– your email address
– your message
– your consent to the privacy policy

12 – Utility

This information allows us to process your booking request and contact you

13 – Data transmission

This information is stored for verification (spam) and then passed on to the site owner.

14 – Data holding time

This information is regularly purged every month

2 – Security management

21 – Data collected

Your IP
To your hostname
The date and time of your connection

22 – Utility

This information allows us to monitor the connections to the site and take the necessary measures to best protect the site

23 – Data transmission

This data is not transmitted but processed and verified as part of the site

24 – Detention

connections to the site are regularly purged every month

3 – Content and services embedded from other sites

Google Map
Google Font

4 – Statistics and audience metrics

41 – Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics for statistics. The data is stored for 13 months.

42 – O2SWITH logs and logs (site host)

Some information is provided directly by our host to assess the site’s audience
The period of detention is limited to three years

5 – Cookie Management

Uncode Cookies

To run the adaptive image system, Uncode uses 3 technician cookies. These cookies contain running information on the window and screen resolution. This data is used during any page refresh to calculate the right adaptive images. No personal information is stored in these cookies.

  • uncodeAI.css
  • uncodeAI.images
  • uncodeAI.screen

You can access the Cookie Management Table here: Privacy Preferences

6 – Data owner

Laetitia Baconnier
5 Rue du Plan, 07200 Saint-Privat
Tel: 33 (0)6 76 72 36 76

Privacy Preference Center